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Since we discussed a lot about many terms like TMW, RES, MEN, and their combinations, it is useful to have a good starting point.
What is, in your opinion, the explanation of these terms?
How RES differently affects CF, CB and GK?
I will update this first post here, so that we can have (I hope) a common view of what really is MEN, what is the combination STA-MEN, and so on.
Try to give your opinion, or try to find some "official" definition of these terms.

For the beginning, I ask you to define what MEN and TMW are, and what is their combination with STA and RES. Give examples of players, too.

Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:12 pm

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First to all , i want to thanks that this is maded , they are several opinions and no a common Law or rule for this stats. So is good for the new guys and the olds here to make a good explanations

You want to know what means TWM and MENT combined with RES and STA , i

TWM: For i read and test in several games in PES (PS2 - PS3 - PC) is like a player combined their game with his teammates , if he find space to recibe a pass , help in Defense and ATK to his mates. Is Like The ¨coupler¨ in Fifa Games .
Examples in Real Life and Game are : Gattuso , Simeone , Zanetti , Maldini.... etc thei help in defense and attack they always support her mates in positions in the field

MEN : Is related like the ¨Fight¨ ability in field , like play and play without affect his STA, also when your team is list he always try to get more involved in attack or defense , Clare example are the Same Rhino Gattuso he keep playing defending and attackin to the last minute also like simeone or Zanetti.

STA combined with Men : Is your player have high values , he can run at the same level that the beggining to the end at same level. Like Pavel Nedved

RES is deadly with defenders and DMF because is he have good teamwork he can intercep good the passes , MEN he can run and keep defending , With STA high well is imposible pass a defender or DMF ith hig levels like that.

I will Publish later the definitions beetwen CF and GKS

And others stats that i suppos IMHO are bad understandings here.

Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:22 pm
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I had already indicated two fundamental characteristics in Pes that MENTALITY and TEAM WORK in a previous post. I write them together with RESPONSE and STAMINA.

"This is a very important attribute. Response indicates how quickly a player thinks: players with high levels will collect more loose balls, intercept more passes and be better at getting into position for shots and headers. For CPU-controlled players(including goalkeepers) this can be said to show how fast a player's reflexes area"

"Determines how quickly a player will tire. The higher the value is, the greater his endurance will be"

"Mentality indicates a player's commitment and drive. When is Stamina level is depleted, a player with a hight Mentality level will be much more likely to maintain his general level of dedication that a similary exhausted player whit low Mentality raiting.The overall impact of stamina loss on abilities is also reduced"

"One of the most complex player attributes, a player's Teamwork rating is a measure of how well he can interact with his teammates"

There are four basic characteristics and we realize their importance especially when we play at the highest level in which the characteristics of the players emerge greatly.

Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:32 pm

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GK :with that ability they can catch a ball when the ball rebound or intercept a crossing , like dida , he dont stop the ball but he have good reflexes to catch again in the rebound so that affects the RES in GK.

CB : Ability to intercep passes , when he tackles and steal the ball cath again , anticipe to the crossings and shoots that is the most simpl expalanation that i see , i experiment maldini with 98 of DEF and 80 RES he cannot do A good interception or recover well the ball. But if you put 92 in RES he can do good stuffs

CF: Ability to anticipate a crossing to area , also the ability to make a goal when a GK do a rebound or positioning in area, examples are pipo inzaghi , trezeguet etc....

Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:19 pm

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I've start to test some different values on terms of DEF with some CB's.

Ref. Pic

Nesta CB 2006-07 PES 2008
(Using a mix beetwen my own set and the one from this forum)

DEF 97
Well me first impresion in-game about him, was that he can do some great tackles, but positionally it was very disappointing, he abstract from the defensive line, leaving many open spaces in which he always lost his defensive position. Then i used him with a value of 85 in DEF and a value of 87 in TMW, the result was that the positioning was much better, the bad that his way of tackling and marking was a disaster and the weirdest thing was that he went up a lot to the half of the field and for some reason the value of STA dropped considerably even though i use him few times, doing a third experiment I used it with DEF 97 and TMW in 84-85 the result was something very close to the real life Nesta although the STA problem is there and he still going up the middle of the field.

My conclusion DEF seems that it only affects the way of tackle and also marking but it doesnt have relation with positioning, it seems that TMW has relation with that.

Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:20 pm
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