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Jan KOTLARCZYK 1928-1932
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Author:  Interista93 [ Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Jan KOTLARCZYK 1928-1932

Name: Jan Kotlarczyk


Country: :POL: Poland
Club: Wisła Kraków S.A.
Position: *DMF, CMF
Side: RF/BS
Age: 25-29 years (22/11/1903)

Height: 174 cm
Weight: 76 kg

Attack: 68
Defence: 79
Balance: 78
Stamina: 87
Top Speed: 75
Acceleration: 76
Response: 83
Agility: 82
Dribble Accuracy: 80
Dribble Speed: 75
Short Pass Accuracy: 85
Short Pass Speed: 77
Long Pass Accuracy: 87
Long Pass Speed: 78
Shot Accuracy: 65
Shot Power: 78
Shot Technique: 63
Free Kick Accuracy: 67
Curling: 75
Header: 74
Jump: 70
Technique: 82
Aggression: 72
Mentality: 89
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 88

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 4
Weak Foot Frequency: 4
Consistency: 6
Growth type: Standard/Lasting

P06 - Pinpoint Pass
P08 - Box-to-Box
S02 - Passer


Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Balanced

Jan Kotlarczyk was a left-half who played for Wisła Kraków and was brother of Józef. Jan was a player with thoughtful and constructive game, incredible determination and condition, similar to his brother. Jan was characterized by calmness and sacrifice because he often got injured or was exhausted so he had to ask for a few minutes of rest before coming back in the field. Jan was described as a midfielder with mobility, high class, good technique, great tactical intelligence, and exceptional durability; he could deliver excellent balls to the forwards thanks to a skillful passing ability; his reliability in tackling, the accuracy of his play and his withstanding pace − even though he lacked of speed − made him effective not just in defence but also in attack, which he could easily follow − an unusual characteristic for half-backs of that time; thanks to his leadership, he could pick up the balls and deliver them calmly to the attack, allowing his teammates to choose the best position to receive the pass; he was good at recovering balls, occasionally even with the head, which surely wasn't his specialty. Jan scored 5 goals in 231 matches for Wisła between 1925 and 1936 and capped 20 times for Poland between 1928 and 1935.

Author:  Interista93 [ Sat Mar 14, 2020 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jan KOTLARCZYK 1928-1932

Some info added and set updated.

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