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THERDSAK Chaiman 2002-2004
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Author:  Interista93 [ Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  THERDSAK Chaiman 2002-2004

Name: Therdsak Chaiman
Nickname: "Uncle Therd"


Country: :THA: Thailand
Club: Singapore Armed Forces F.C. (2002), BEC Tero Sasana F.C. (2002-2004)
Position: *AMF, CMF
Side: RF/BS
Age: 29-31 years (29/09/1973)

Height: 164 cm
Weight: 63 kg

Attack: 77
Defence: 51
Balance: 69
Stamina: 78
Top Speed: 83
Acceleration: 81
Response: 73
Agility: 82
Dribble Accuracy: 78
Dribble Speed: 78
Short Pass Accuracy: 75
Short Pass Speed: 76
Long Pass Accuracy: 79
Long Pass Speed: 81
Shot Accuracy: 72
Shot Power: 81
Shot Technique: 78
Free Kick Accuracy: 76
Curling: 74
Header: 62
Jump: 65
Technique: 78
Aggression: 76
Mentality: 76
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 80

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Consistency: 5
Growth type: Late/Lasting

P07 - Early Cross
S04 - PK Taker
S05 - 1-touch Play
S17 - Turning Skills

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Tactical Dribble - Penalties - 1-touch Play

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded

Therdsak is a former attacking or central midfielder. His career began in 1994 at Royal Thai Navy, where he played 97 matches and scored 33 goals in five seasons. He then played a season at Osotspa Bangkok before joining BEC Tero Sasana in 2000. He had there a great time, scoring 17 goals in 68 games from 2000 to 2004, winning two Thai Premier Leagues, a Thai FA Cup, a Kor Royal Cup and was named MVP of the 2002-03 AFC Champions League. He played on loan for Singapore Armed Forces in 2002, scoring 27 times in 33 appearances and winning the S.League. After leaving BEC Tero Sasana, he spent a season in Vietnam at Dong A Bank in 2004 and eventually came back to Singapore Armed Forces in 2005, staying there for five seasons, winning four more leagues and two national cups. He returned to Thailand in 2010, this time at Chonburi, winning a Thai FA Cup and two Royal Kor Cups. He retired in 2017. He gained 75 caps for Thailand, scoring 22 goals and winning two AFF Championships.
Regarded as one of Thailand's finest midfielders, Therdsak offset his short size with impressive running ability, vision of the game and shot technique, which are characteristics not seen too frequently among Thai players. Even at the end of his career, when he was over 40 years old, he still embarrassed younger opponents with his footwork and tactical brain. Accurate with both feet, Therdsak was gifted with a decent dribbling ability and was a free kick, corner and penalty specialist. He possessed a shot with good power and could deliver great and fast crosses, especially from set piece.

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