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 Jan STUDNICKA 1908-1912 
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Name: Johann "Jan" Studnicka

Nickname: "Der Gstutzte"


Country: :AUT: Austria
Club: Wiener AC
Position: *CF, SS, WF
Side: LF/LS
Age: 25-29 years (12/10/1883)

Height: * 167 cm (not found)
Weight: * 69 kg (not found)

Attack: 86
Defence: 37
Balance: 75
Stamina: 75
Top Speed: 82
Acceleration: 84
Response: 79
Agility: 85
Dribble Accuracy: 90
Dribble Speed: 82
Short Pass Accuracy: 87
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 82
Long Pass Speed: 76
Shot Accuracy: 82
Shot Power: 90
Shot Technique: 81
Free Kick Accuracy: 77
Curling: 89
Header: 69
Jump: 71
Technique: 86
Aggression: 83
Mentality: 76
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 79

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 7
Weak Foot Frequency: 7
Consistency: 5
Growth Type: Early Lasting

P05: Trickster
P07: Mazing Run
P13: Long Ranger
S02: Passer
S06: Outside Curve
S14: Quick Turn
S18: Cross Over Turn

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Dribbling - Tactical Dribble - Passing - Middle Shooting - Outside - Playmaking

Attack / Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


One of the greatest personalities in the history of the Austrian football and let's say "the founder" of the Danubian style of play. Mainly an inside left forward he's mainly famous for his short stature and remarkable bow legs, rocket shots with outside of the boot producing the amazing curle and fantastic dribbling. His style was based on short quick passes, good capacity to read the game and make well timed passes. Jan was good scorer, stocky and masterful strategist, the keepers were scared from his shots. Johann Studnicka began early interest in football, played with 13 years in 1897 in the football team, "Youth's Nest". This was led by the teacher and featured alongside Wawerka Studnicka with Josef Fischer, Gustav Huber and Josef Taurer three other future national players. The sport was, three years after the first football game in 1894 in Austria, socially accepted or not, the football games in high school students was punished with incarceration, so that Studnicka occurred even as a football player in the early days only by the pseudonym "Jan". In the fall of 1897, when the entire team of the Vienna Youth Horst's AC, who had just founded half a year before its football section. First, Johann Studnicka played in the defense of Athletiker. When they realized, however, his ability to bring in surprising moves into the game and this masterful disguise, he soon moved on into the storm of the WAC. Together with Josef Taurer he was here, the left pair of wings, which long remained unrivaled in Austria. Johann Studnickas career with the WAC was soon crowned with success. In 1898 the club took part in the first Challenge Cup, the oldest national football trophy competition which was open to all clubs of the monarchy. Did you look at the first attendance in the first round against the Vienna Cricket and Football Club to admit defeat, was in 1901, 1903 and 1904, the trophy will be won. At the same time the WAC with Johann Studnicka was also the strongest team of the championship ÖFU, which was built in 1901, 1902 and 1903 each finished as the winner. This national dominance, however, led to the temporary end of the league championship in Austria. Internationally celebrated Johann Studnicka great success these days. On 12 October 1902 joined the Austrian national team together for the first time, opponents were Hungary. With five club colleagues at the Johann Studnicka side won 5-0 with the team, he scored three goals himself. The same trick he succeeded at 4-2 a year later, when Hungary had to accept another three-goal Studnicka. After a break Johann Studnicka celebrated with goals against Germany and Hungary in 1908 the return to the team started, but slowly withdraw from active football and working as a trainer at the WAC. Once, however, a large part of the WAC players following a dispute with the club's management fell out and decided with the Vienna AF a new club to launch, was Johann Studnicka again into the first team to prevent the demise of the club. Only Hans Neumann gave him their loyalty. Studnicka, however, soon succeeded to the start of the new League Cup 1911/12 of ÖFV put back to become an effective team on their feet, because in the first season they reached the good fourth of twelve seats. Thus Johann Studnicka again for the national team a long subject, in 1912 he participated as the sole representative of his club at the Olympic Games in Stockholm. In the second round, he also scored the first Austrian goal kick to 1:1 during the subsequent 5-1 triumph over Germany. After the defeat in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands, Austria started in the consolation tournament eliminated teams at the high Studnicka in 5-1 win over Italy in the semifinals also contributed another goal. The construction work in the league, however, was soon bear fruit, as in the season 1914/15 was already winning the Austrian championship celebration. At the same time it came on the Square in Budapest, Hungaria became a famous international match with arch-rivals Hungary, with Austria the first ever away win against Hungary, which turned out too high, thanks to two goals with 5:2 Studnicka-right. Johann Studnicka played up for the season 1919/20 active Wiener for AC, a total he scored 90 goals in 122 appearances in the first class. He played his last international game on 9 May 1918, where he's 5-1 against Switzerland also be 18 in total International goal scored. After his retirement as a striker Johann Studnicka took a coach to first offer of Vienna, which he coached for two years. Then in 1922 came a change in Switzerland for FC Zurich. As champions of Serie A season in the East 1923/24 Johann Studnicka could participate in the Finals with his team at the Swiss Championships. In the playoffs the team was able to successfully Studnickas against North Star Basel and Geneva Servette prevail and win the title. Johann Studnicka then went back to Vienna, where he was on 30 June 1925 when SpC stepped Rudolfshügel. Financially bankrupt the club but the players were running them, so that Studnicka ultimately could not stop the descent of the club. He died in 1967.

Stop the PSD copycats...

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Prime position should be changed to CF IMO. During this era, he played as CF for both WAC and Austrian NT while Adolf Fischera (another early legend of Austrian football) was inside left alongside Studnicka. In NT Studnicka actually played only seven times as SS (4x between 1902 and 1904, 3x in 1917), while he played most games (20 matches between 1904 and 1916) as CF (+in one match against Switzerland in 1918 he played as right-back). Apart from that, this set is excellent work ;)

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