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 Aleksandr PONOMARYOV 1942-1949 
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Name: Aleksandr Semyonovich Ponomaryov

Nickname: "Ponomar"


Country: :UKR: Ukraine ( :SOV: USSR)
Clubs: Rotor Volgograd, Torpedo Moscow
Number: 9
Position: *CF
Side: RF/BS
Age: 24-31 years (23/04/1918)

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Attack: 92
Defence: 34
Balance: 82
Stamina: 80
Top Speed: 85
Acceleration: 88
Response: 87
Agility: 83
Dribble Accuracy: 84
Dribble Speed: 83
Short Pass Accuracy: 76
Short Pass Speed: 70
Long Pass Accuracy: 73
Long Pass Speed: 71
Shot Accuracy: 89
Shot Power: 95
Shot Technique: 91
Free Kick Accuracy: 70
Curling: 71
Header: 83
Jump: 88
Technique: 83
Aggression: 96
Mentality: 83
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 74

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Form: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot frequency: 7
Dribbling style: 1
Growth type: Standard Lasting

P13: Long Ranger
P15: Goal Poacher
S05: 1-touch play

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Positioning - Scoring - Lines - Middle Shooting - 1-Touch Pass

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Legends of the indomitable center forward Aleksandr Ponomaryov, which could not be stopped as he walked to the gate, are still alive. Forward-ram forward-scorer - it's all about him and nobody else, perhaps, in our football so not exactly match those concepts as he does.

Aleksandr Ponomaryov scored in the championship game ball 149. His result was blocked only by Oleg Blokhin. But here we must necessarily take into account that the best football years Ponomarev (23 to 26 years) occurred in the war, when the championships we have not played out.

There was a memorable forward breakdown warehouse, very fast, and incredibly aggressive. Distinguished high-speed bursts from the center of the field to give it back to organize attacks himself and completed them, most powerful attacks. And did those moving from the gate to the center of the whole match, though he did not know fatigue. Scored quite magnificent balls in contact with the center of the field, with the fly, jump, scissors, and he was subject to absolutely all of the known techniques in order to send the ball into the goal. The force of his strike lay in the technique of execution, he beat butsy toe, giving the ball an incredible speed.

Probably was one of the best center forward in those years, which was the main weapon "gun" by Aleksandr Ponomaryov. I would say, the Tsar Cannon. Nikolay Starostin said about Ponomaryov: "The break strength and the ability of the leader is often raised it at the crest of football glory. Physically very strong, hard, he managed to inexplicably shut those same attacks that occurred with his own participation. Heavy, effectual blow enabled him to score a record number of goals. "

When I asked a well-known in the past, our forwards - Nikita Simonyan and Valentin Nikolaev, which were characteristic features in the forward Ponomareva, both in response to me separately and said the same thing: "The pressure and the ability to apply accurate strikes with both legs out of any situation and distances. "

And Simonyan, and Nikolaev, of course, remember the unique ability Ponomaryov strikes the ball with the toe shoes, commonly referred to as the hit "pyrom." A great many balls he has scored this awesome power stroke. The ball in this case during the flight and then it changes direction, but Ponomarev, Nikolaev said, he always somehow just flew into the net.

"More than that - adds Simonyan - Ponomaryov was able to hit the ball with the toe, flying in the air, something in my life no one player has not seen."

Writer Aleksandr Avdeenko characterized the game Ponomaryov: 'Who among football fans can recall at least one game, which would be devastating, the tireless forward "Tractor" and "Torpedo" acted not in the fighting spirit of his, when he would change his high style when he cheated the audience waiting for him and fun games!

When possession of the ball Ponomaryov, spectators and all the players feel as it illuminates the soul, as it breaks the passion to win. I have often noticed as torpedovtsy, and transformed by their opponents, had only come into play Ponomarev. Even the most experienced, sophisticated goalkeeper, comprehended, it seemed, all the great opportunities Ponomaryov, all his tricks, even a goalkeeper is very nervous when center forward torpedovtsev approaching with the ball in his penalty area. From the player's cannon can expect the impact of the most disadvantaged, and the ball swiftly to the force of a heavy nucleus enters into the top corner. What would have been no commotion at the gate, no matter how much protection will be overwritten by Ponomaryov, the goalkeeper would not let him out of sight. Falling or even sprawled on the ground, or staying with his back to goal, Ponomaryov could well take the ball, so subtly corrected him that he would be at the gate. "

Simonyan recalls with a smile one his conversation with Ponomaryov, when abandoned if and only if in their hearts: "Oh, Nikita, we had no time to enter the international arena, we would have shown that Pele-Mele, a must play ..."

Ponomaryov, by the way, in the "Torpedo" spent a lot of friendly matches in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and club teams. In Hungary, for example, in 1947, in three games, he scored 9 goals in matches with top clubs of this country and got rave reviews. At the time keeper "Torpedo", Anatoly Akimov of the time told me about it. I have a few doubts: "The Hungarians? Yes they have, then, shine and Puskas, Kocsis and ... "-" So it was - confirmed Akimov - but Puskas and Kocsis - insider information, such as Frontline, like Ponomaryov, the Hungarians did not. "

Traktor Stalingrad (today Rotor Volgograd) (1937-39): 57 matches, 38 goals.
Torpedo Moscow (1940): 24 matches, 15 goals.
Trade Unions-1 Moscow (1941): 9 matches, 2 goals.
Torpedo Moscow (1945-50): 134 matches, 84 goals.
Shakhtar Donetsk (1951-52): 38 matches, 19 goals.

Of the total USSR championship Highest League played 251 matches, scored 149 goals.

Top Goalscorer of the USSR Championship: 1946 - 18 goals.

In All-Stars team championship of the USSR: 1942, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1947, 1948 - Almost 7 years!!! in a row was the best center forward of the country, with living Paichadze, Bobrov, Fedotov, Beskov, Kartsev, Sergey Soloviov, and they are among the strongest in all of football history of the USSR.


Head Length: + 7
Head Width: + 3
Neck Length: - 7
Neck Width: + 3
Shoulder Heigth: - 7
Shoulder Width: 0
Chest Measurement: 0
Waist Circumference: + 2
Arm Circumference: 0
Leg Circumference: - 2
Calf Circumference: + 2
Leg Length: - 5

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