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 Raymond BRAINE 1930-1936 
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Name: Raymond Ernest Michel Braine


Country: :BEL: Belgium
Club: AC Sparta Praha
Position: *CF, SS
Side: RF/BS
Age: 23-29 years (28/04/1907)

Height: 175 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Attack: 92
Defence: 37
Balance: 77
Stamina: 79
Top Speed: 85
Acceleration: 87
Response: 89
Agility: 83
Dribble Accuracy: 85
Dribble Speed: 81
Short Pass Accuracy: 78
Short Pass Speed: 71
Long Pass Accuracy: 75
Long Pass Speed: 70
Shot Accuracy: 91
Shot Power: 84
Shot Technique: 88
Free Kick Accuracy: 70
Swerve: 68
Header: 81
Jump: 79
Technique: 86
Aggression: 93
Mentality: 82
Goalkeeper Skill: 50
Team Work: 79

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 7
Weak Foot Frequency: 7
Consistency: 7
Growth Type: Standard/Lasting

S01: Reaction
S03: 1 on 1 Finish

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Dribbling - Positioning - Reaction - Scoring - 1 on 1 Scoring

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Raymond Braine was born on April 28, 1907 in Antwerp. Grew up in the local soccer team AC Beerschot, where the early days of 1923 at the age of 15 years, dismissed the premier league against a team Daring Brussels. Still in the same year was selected to the Belgian national team for a friendly match with a big rival in the Netherlands. His immense talent knew at that time everyone, but nobody would have imagined that this young man will become one of the best footballers in the history of Belgian football. In the years 1924, 1925, 1926 and 1928 helped his Beerschot to four league titles. At that time he took the attack along with his brother Pierre, who was also regarded as a great hope, but ultimately was not adopted as much as Raymond, whose reputation for great scorer soon shouted across Europe and it was clear that it will not last long and will move to one of Europe's famous clubs. His departure from Belgium did not go quietly at all - the local press accuses him of professionalism. Belgian football is still a matter of purely amateur and a hint of any violation of these rules, followed by severe punishment. Belgian Association to set aside their best soccer player and licensed boarding banned in all domestic competitions. Great interest in his services should first London Clapton Orient, where even a successful test pass. Representatives of the British team but failed to secure a work permit. This took advantage of John Dick, the legendary English coach of Sparta, who is with the Brain in the past and knew its qualities very well knew. Transfer to the Belgian star Letna therefore worth nothing in its path. That was in the 1928.

Raymond Braine's Arrival to Prague was hectic. That left three days into the start of the Central European Cup (SEP), at the most popular club competition in the old continent, when John Dick introduced the players in the cab of a new team member. It also announced that it would no longer like to put this weekend against Austria Vienna. From the perspective of no one knows, after saying the name Braine but attentive players. Just recently went through the press does report that the young striker Beerschot was convicted of professionalism and disqualified ... Later that day, Braine's first taste of turf on Saturday and led the Spartans in the cup match against the First Vienna. This match was very important, Slavia was eliminated the day before Ferencvaros and Sparta remained the only Czech team in the cup. Up until the sixtieth minute, played without goals, but then Braine novices arrived in Sparta and scored powerful goal for the lead. Guests are now able to compensate for a long time it seemed to hold the draw. Three minutes before the end but pushed Braine and early to secure pole Sparta all-important win. After the final whistle of spectators invaded the pitch and Raymond away from him on their shoulders. The reporters then asked how he likes in Sparta, said: "Sparta is a nice team and that was enough to make me have liked. And then, before the great audience, which is Prague, with everyone playing well. Remember, please note that I thank the fans for the way they accepted me. I'll never forget. But the applause after the match I did not deserve. After all, I did not play as I can. "In addition to himself revealed that he also speed skating and fencing, which has even become a multiple champion in his country. That is apparently a suitable complementary sport to football, because it improves observation and quick decision. Belgian striker fit perfectly into the team and his performances were improving match by match. In the semifinals SEP two wickets to help eliminate the Italian champion Inter Milan (playing this year under the name Ambrosiana) and only one goal in the final against Rapid Vienna Sparta missed the overall victory.

Long time has elapsed since his arrival on the Letna and Braine already spoke fluent Czech. He became a favorite Spartan audience outside football is also devoted and business - business with Congolese coffee. It is said that a typical real pro at the time - sometimes just playing really, tremendously, and he had confessed in licitování the amount of the contract. But on the field was essential for Sparta. A great strategist, working at a large space, excellent techniques and dangerous shooter. His honesty in the training was excellent and famous. The team was very popular, the quarterback and had not retrieved their sympathy and confidence. Though never a stranger doing the Sparta captain, no doubt, that he was the tub right after leaving the team leader.

About his character very well illustrated by the following incident, which he told reporters after years of former team captain of Jarod Bugra. Braine chose a beautiful goal and an important cup match Spartan officials to end it after his call to the office, where he gave a reward of 12,000 crowns a hand at that time a huge amount. Belgian sharpshooter, however, soon went to Burgers and his charming Czech language he says: "Listen, Jarda, kaptajn network, I want advice, they gave me twelve grand for that, I sent the ball into goal. It's not fair play, and you're all you've played like lions. I took the Crown. Here they are, do with them what you got. Network kaptajn. "Bugra looked at the money, then the Brain: You're my friend, is split. The player to the grand, half alternates. Do you agree? Braine has agreed ...

When the 1934 World Championships formed the Czechoslovak national team, tried to persuade its members of the Football Association that he had issued the Czechoslovak citizenship. Braine himself admitted that he also thought about it. They said in Prague feels like home, but due to his family and future ultimately rejected. Throughout my career thus represented his native Belgium, for which in 54 international matches scored 26 goals. At first glance, the balance is not too glaring, we must note, however, that Belgium was at that time still a midget football. Brainova peak activity in the Central Sparta Cup 1935th It has been his colleague in the attack legendary Oldrich Nejedly. Sparta gradually eliminated the First Vienna, Fiorentina, Juventus and finally waiting for Ferencvaros Budapest. After losing 1-2 to open the retaliation came to Strahov see 60,000 spectators, while a further 30,000 tickets have not come and they stayed behind the gates of the stadium. Sparta won 3-0 phenomenal performance, when Braine had two goals and recorded one. It was one of the most famous days in franchise history.

Famous Italian Juventus goalkeeper Valinasso said that Braine is the best player he's ever seen in his life. Spared no praise for the finals as journalists (played better than he is probably not play football - the sport Zurich) and the English referee Fogg (Such centrforvarda, such as brain, has no English team). Belgian striker fired in a Spartan jersey goals for another two years. In December 1936 arranged a victory by scoring two goals in Nachod in Prague after signing a contract for another two seasons and went to her parents for Christmas in Antwerp. Back to Prague was due to arrive the first day of 1937. Instead it arrived, however, report that it is in the hospital and that she knows when to heal. However, the reality was different. Brainemu at home and he liked playing for Beerschot Antwerp. But he was still a contract in Sparta. The resulting situation will eventually put the Belgian federation, agreed to Sparta and helped Beerschot severance. Braine has left behind an impressive record: 281 games and they scored exactly 300. 128 league goals to become a member of the league club Arsenal. (The numbers of matches played and scored gólech, however, quite different sources differ). Its performance earned him an invitation to the selection of Western Europe in the exhibiton match the best soccer players of the old continent, where against a choice of Central Europe joined the Oldrich Nejedly. It was the year 1938 and shortly thereafter participated in the match Europe - England. After a career that is still devoted to football (he became coach), and in addition to the native Antwerp opened a sports store.

When 1972 came to Sparta Cup Winners' Cup match in Liege, Belgium, where he recalled Braine, moved to its operations in Summer: "When I first arrived in the city over the Vltava River, I was worried how I greeted the audience in Prague, and whether I can not fit in with the then-famous magicians Spartan football. Audiences immediately accepted me as her and calling out to me: Hi, Brain, hi! Now I just have to Nejedlý, Bugra, Bouček other teammates and send New Year cards. The Liège show, because I do not know who I would be more cheering. I'm Belgian, but the hearts and memories Iron Sparta. So send your former red color of the greeting, which I Prague before the forty-two years ago welcomed: Hi, Sparta, hi! "

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