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 Zlatko ČAJKOVSKI 1948-1954 
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Stats by Milos with suggestions from JeanMarc

Name: Zlatko Čajkovski

Nickname: "Čik"


Country: :YUG: Yugoslavia / :CRO: Croatia
Club: FK Partizan
Number: 4
Position: *DMF, CMF, AMF, SB, CB, SS (optional)
Side: RF/RS
Age: 25-31 years (24/11/1923)

Height: 164 cm
Weight: 66 kg

Attack: 78
Defence: 82
Balance: 80
Stamina: 90
Top Speed: 83
Acceleration: 81
Response: 78
Agility: 84
Dribble Accuracy: 85
Dribble Speed: 81
Short Pass Accuracy: 85
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 84
Long Pass Speed: 79
Shot Accuracy: 74
Shot Power: 82
Shot Technique: 72
Free Kick Accuracy: 70
Curling: 73
Header: 82
Jump: 87
Technique: 83
Aggression: 78
Mentality: 90
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 85

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5
Consistency: 8
Growth Type: Standard/Lasting


P08 - Box To Box
S02 - Passer
S07 - Man Marking
S14 - Speed Merchant

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Dribbling - Passing - Marking

Attack / Defence Awareness Card: Balanced


Zlatko "Čik" Čajkovski (24 November 1923 – 27 July 1998) was a Croatian and Yugoslavian football player and coach. He played in clubs HAŠK (Zagreb), FK Partizan Beograd, 1. FC Koln, Hapoel Haifa. Nickname "Čik" (butt) was due to his smallish growth, in fact it was only 164 cm tall. His brother Željko was also player of the former Yugoslavia. "Čik" is the greatest success achieved as a coach clubs Bayern Munich, Cologne and Kickers Offenbach. He died in a Munich hospital from diabetes, was buried in Belgrade. For the Croatian national team played twice (11.01.1942. Against Germany in Stuttgart, 1:5, and 06/04/1943. In Bratislava against Slovakia, 3-1). For the former Yugoslavia national team he played 55 times, with whom he participated in the Olympics 1948th in London and 1952. in Helsinki, won the silver medal both times, he appeared at two World Championships 1950th and 1954. 1953rd he performed in the FIFA team against Great Britain (4-4), along with Bernard Vukas, Vladimir Beara and Branko Zebec. He graduated from the German sports academy in Cologne, under Professor Hennes Weisweiler.

His first major coaching success achieved by winning the German championship 1962nd against Koln. 1963rd over Bayern Munich, which from other causes in the First Division twice won the German Cup and one European Cup Winners Cup, defeating Rangers 1967th year. Through what was then the team have proven now legendary German internationals, goalkeeper Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller, who at that time, although 20-ogodišnjaci, formed the backbone of one of the strongest European teams. After that, "Chick" Tchaikovsky was trained Hanover 96, Nuremberg, Kickers Offenbach, with whom he won a second division German Cup 1970th After that leads to Dinamo Zagreb. He returned to Cologne and then again at Kickers Offenbach. He went to Switzerland to take Zurich (1978-1980), and Grenhen (1980). Last team he led was Grazer AK 1981st. There are few players who were with her appearance on the field burning as bright as great as is the case with Zlatko Tchaikovsky. Chick on the ground did not have to ask, he shone like a diamond! He was short but great in achievements. He played soccer in a distinct manner. Copy did not exist. None has yet. Chick was a great script! I watched it just before the Second World War in the youth the Yugoslav team against Romania and Hungary. He played in place of center half, had a brilliant reflection, is superbly played heads, referred the ball in duels with rivals who have made it would have been higher for the head. He had a sense of timely reflection. He was intelligent enough to never stood strictly with the opponent's center forward, but two or three feet behind him. When she came up the ball, Chick jumped from a running start, an opponent from the spot. Naturally, the race can always be more affected. Among other things, and that's an advantage Zlatko while Tchaikovsky was not yet an adult he knew how to think. Ruben was before the war played for HASK Zagreb, one of the best clubs in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The first star in that team was unbeatable Ico Hitrec, center forward and a striker. Chick was in his shadow, but later a small right-half made a great career. Tchaikovsky was a half (still have to maneuver players, midfielder) European class and perhaps the most respected player in South America on this side of the Atlantic. Latinos have called him Chiquita. They were delighted with the way he played. They loved his passionate introduction to the game, never tired of running, the ease in building attacks and abilities that always gets to go back to your goal and take part in defensive tasks.

Čik was not only a great master of football, he was still alive was football legend. What was the secret of superior performance? What the public liked and why are valued by experts was not only the knowledge, talent, technical skills ... Chick had the other not - he played for pleasure and glory. And that was deeply sympathetic. New type of football: he said to himself sjedinjavao romance and realism. He was steadfast in his faith in victory. He never taught, even if the leadership rivals seemed unattainable, he was teammates knew how to pull the feat - to make prospective impossible! But off the court Ruben Tchaikovsky is brought into a strange beauty in everyday life, family and among friends. He had a wonderful marriage with Beograđanka paper, with beautiful crnko Senjak. Usaglašavanjc incredible character and taste! It was not a conventional marriage, but a love that lasted until the last breath Čikovog. Work accompanied him through most of the football career (they married in 1948) and later, when the coach went thorny paths, his strongest support was the wife. If it were not Rade, the question is whether the Čik and reached great heights as an expert in Germany, Israel (in this country is written book about him), Switzerland, Greece, Yugoslavia..

Čik could boast championship titles won more states, national cup, even European. However, he is most proud of as Bayern Munich and German national team has given four major players: Franz Beckenbauer, Sepa Meier, Gerd Muller and center Schwarzenbeck. He is from a small regional club made a big Bayern. That the Germans are never forgotten. Until his death, he was at the Olympic Stadium in Munich had the počasnoj lodge its place where it was tile - Čik. There was no need your full name. So in life: the little people are needed in the magnificent marble tombs, mausoleums and often, a large enough and the stone, the name or nickname. Čajkovski was a decade (1945-1955) played for Partizan Belgrade and the Yugoslav national team (55). During this period there were many players in this country and Europe who was known as class players. For most of the dust of oblivion long since fallen, their name is a pattern of shell eggs that are broken and trampled. Chick lasted. Also today, the memories of him, although he had already one year based on Belgrade's New Cemetery. And the last butts tell a lot about him as a man devoid of any nationalistic narrowness. - My best years are related to Belgrade to speak to us when we met up after neviđanja. -Here I am successful as a player and team, I met my Radu got Vesna and Zlatan, our children, created a circle of close friends that I always missed while we stranstvovali. Incredible to me fits the mentality of Belgrade. Belgrade me from day one accepted the warm heart. And I'm in the city built a strong point, a crucial and lasting - Chick said in moments of intimate confessions, when its a serious disease of blood vessels close to the end, but announced that he felt. - I want to be buried in Belgrade, that I shared his happiness with him. And that his wish came true. And his cremation in Munich was somewhat unusual. Bayern Munich and former players, supporters, senior provincial and city politicians... they all came to the cremation to show what kind of a farewell to commemorate its great and very deserving football teachers, experts in the German football entered our minds, he developed a sense of play and beauty. Zlatko Čajkovski played for Europe against England national team (4-4), when the football federations of the country celebrated the centennial. As always, the CEC was among najosvetljivijim actors. He was supposed to see one; name of the famous Russian composer was closely millions of people on the planet, so all players remember who was also a master of his work as it was the famous composer. What is common to both is that we meet the wonderful emotions of the soul in two different ways.

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, with its timeless works went into eternity; Zlatko Čajkovski stayed in the memory of those who have watched and enjoyed the unique presentation of mastery. In Čikovoj game there was something mystical that came "from above", as the great poets. There are few players who possessed such a serenity of spirit. And so great self-confidence. He has so much faith in their power to the word "porch" for him did not exist. Forward to the game with children's innocence. Such a passionate football no one has had. Čik am to knew how to join decurlija the street or in a meadow and that they play "two Golic, a pm would be played for Partizan match. Once it happened that at the Partizan 'pobedonosnoj tour in Sweden (six straight wins with the best teams in this country in 1949) Tchaikovsky was injured - he removed the thumbnail. Despite the local injection pain was great. Later on in holelu, the CEC of Ratko Colic asked to try his boots, then the management and the coach said Downtown will play this afternoon. They all looked at each other-one was seriously. However, Ruben Tchaikovsky with such a violation took place the entire game. Have to say that was one of the best. This is Chick! In addition to football, Zlatko Čajkovski had another weakness: it was great will enjoy eating. Especially liked our specialties - pork hooves in sauce, veal head škembetu, jelly, chitterlings, tripe... ao specialties from the grill and young pork to say nothing. This excess earned him diabetes, which he is slowly destroying the blood vessels and eventually destroyed. Accustomed to victory, has long believed that this battle will get the disease. It is, however, was a trick...

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