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Pierino FANNA 1982-1985
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Author:  Interista93 [ Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Pierino FANNA 1982-1985

Name: Pierino Fanna


Country: :ITA: Italy
Club: A.C. Hellas Verona
Position: *WF, SMF
Side: RF/BS
Age: 24-27 years (23/06/1958)

Height: 178 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Attack: 79
Defence: 52
Balance: 79
Stamina: 82
Top Speed: 85
Acceleration: 88
Response: 77
Agility: 85
Dribble Accuracy: 87
Dribble Speed: 87
Short Pass Accuracy: 77
Short Pass Speed: 76
Long Pass Accuracy: 83
Long Pass Speed: 81
Shot Accuracy: 75
Shot Power: 82
Shot Technique: 76
Free Kick Accuracy: 72
Curling: 81
Header: 70
Jump: 73
Technique: 83
Aggression: 84
Mentality: 78
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 83

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Consistency: 7
Growth type: Standard/Lasting

P03 - Trickster
P05 - Mazing Run
P09 - Incisive Run
S02 - Outside Curve

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Dribbling - Tactical Dribble - Side - Outside

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded

Fanna was a winger or side midfielder. His career began in 1972 at Atalanta. He transferred to Juventus in 1977, staying with the Bianconeri for five seasons: 148 matches and 20 goals. In 1982 he joined Hellas Verona, where he probably had his best time: 119 games, 16 goals, key player in the 1984-85 Serie A winning season, 14 caps for Italy. Then he spent four seasons at Inter, appearing 146 times and scoring 14 goals. He eventually went back to Hellas Verona, where he retired in 1993, taking the number of matches and goals respectively to 233 and 24.
Fanna was gifted with technique, accuracy on both feet, great speed − especially on sprint − creativity and used to move up and down both sides throughout the match, dribbling the opponents and creating scoring chances. He ran, looked for a cross or space to shoot. Remarkable were his movements, quick dribblings, inspiring passes, goals − not very usual but always important. Since these were his main characteristics, his time at Juventus wasn't too good because he was used mainly as secondary striker and in that position he couldn't take advantage of his qualities. Moreover, he suffered the pressure of being part of a great team while he had more consistency in a club like Hellas Verona. At Verona he had great chemistry with Roberto Tricella: while he started to run forward, Fanna created space for him getting all the markers busy; then the defenders tried to mark Tricella and Fanna had the necessary space to pass the ball to Elkjær Larsen or Galderisi. In conclusion, their effectiveness during counterattacks was a key in the team's offensive actions, which used to end with another teammate inserting in the box and finalizing. Some nice passes and a good goal against Juventus Very good long ball with the outside Short pass, again with the outside Great personal action Good goal after a progression

Author:  Interista93 [ Wed Dec 02, 2020 6:38 pm ]
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